Day 1: 587 days til I turn 30

For me, the question of “where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?” has always been ridiculous.  Historically, I’ve hardly been able to envision myself more than 6 months out.  But, after having been at my current job in one form or another for 3 years, I’m able to do some longer-term planning.  Which means I can try to tackle some longer term goals.  5 years still seems 2 far away, so I decided to go for 2 years.  And since I will be turning 30 in around that amount of time, I decided that is a better goal date.

So here are my goals.  There are (mostly) 3 of them, and they speak towards 3 different areas of my life.

1.  Spiritual.  Find a church in the area that I can call home.  Fine a small group/Bible study that I can also call home and that challenges me and helps me grow.  Work towards an active and discerning prayer life.

2.  Health.  Loose 60 pounds (from 230 to 170).  But more importantly, be able to be active.  Find an activity I like doing and make being active/exercise part of my life at least 5 days a week.  Be able to complete a 3 mile “run” at a decent clip without wanting to kill myself.

3.  Financial/Personal?.  Feel financially secure enough to move out of my parent’s house.  Have paid off a huge chunk of my college debt.  Have at least a 3k emergency fund.    Generally be more frugal and less frivolous.

I know I said three, but there’s a fourth one that is less official because I don’t really know as much how to go accomplishing or even measuring it.  Also, I think the other 3 are so big that it will be hard enough to focus on them.

4.  Social.  Meet some new people and maybe even go on a date.  Have a group of friends that I enjoy hanging out with and trust.  Make friends outside of work.

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