The ways in which we trick ourselves…

AKA my new self-stimulus plan!

Here’s the deal:  I love fabric.  I’m addicted to it.  But my storage unit is getting full and my pocketbook is running low.  So I can’t be buying fabric and sewing things willy-nilly these days.  Also, I really need to dedicate my time to actually sewing up what I have. 

Also, I’m overweight, but more importantly, pretty darn out of shape with quite a few unhealthy habits.  I need a way to build new habits and reward myself with something other than food. 

So, I have decided that I now need to earn my money that I spend on Fabric, new patterns, and sewing classes.  Here is my new deal with myself:

I will earn $1 towards fabric/patterns/etc every time I accomplish one of the following:

1.  Loose a pound

2.  Loose an inch off of my thighs, waist, or hip measurements.

3.  Complete a 30 min or longer workout.

4.  Go a full day without eating any junk/sugary/trigger foods (Especially coffee, ice cream, pizza, candy bars, etc)

I will reward myself with double dollars for any of these that is completed during a tech week, as that is when I have a tendency to eat really badly/not take care of myself. 

I will also earn $5 if I go down a jeans pants size. 


Now I just need a fun (and easy) way to track this money that I earn so that I know what/when I can spend it!  Any tips?


Here are the current Items that I most want to earn ASAP, especially before Christmas!

This online class:

And this pattern, provided I can ever find it again:

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2 Responses to The ways in which we trick ourselves…

  1. What a great idea. Maybe track it in a spreadsheet or journal. I am completely addicted to Craftsy- thank gosh theyhave so many sales, or I’d between that & fabric I’d be broke. Good luck!

  2. Andrea says:

    I think a glass jar and actual dollar bills might be motivating. 🙂 (Sorry I’m a little behind in my reading!)

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