I’m doing a sew along…

I’m hoping to ride my “sewing mojo/spare time/no money to go out” wave and I joined a coat sew-along on Gerties New Blog For Better Sewing. I have yet to ever finish a coat (and I think only have 2 half-finished ones in my UFOs). I’m hoping by doing this sew-along I can learn some good tips and get the encouragement to see the project to completion. It’s been ages since I’ve sewn the same project with other people, and I remember it used to be helpful.

I picked out two different outer fabric options from my stash, as well as 3 lining options. One of the fabrics has me way more excited than the other, but I’m not sure I have quite enough yardage of it. I may just have to shorten the length of the coat or add a boarder on the bottom so that I can use my fun fabric, however.

I did have to shell out money for the pattern today. Fortunately, it was on sale for $1.06 (99cents plus tax), and I did a 30 min workout yesterday, so I earned my $1 for the pattern then.

My two main goals for this project are 1. to finish on schedule and 2. to not spend any more money on it. I looked over the instructions pretty thoroughly, and I think I have all of the supplies, except maybe some awesome buttons. If I really get to the point of finishing the coat, I may have to splurge on some awesome buttons. Preferably largely oversized!


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