Ok, so, It’s been awhile.  I thought this blog would be a great new way to record goals and progress and be able to measure how far I’ve come, etc, etc.  And then I don’t update for over two months.  Whoops.

Well, I’ve been thinking for awhile that I needed to update.  Even composed some posts in my head.  But never got around to fighting with the internet at my house/making alone time to write/having coherent thoughts/just doing it.  My friend Claire Willett posted about an article that she was shocked to find anyone had ever not read, and since I hadn’t, I gave it a read.

It’s. Good.  Stuff.

Seriously, here’s the link, go read it.  I’ll wait.

It managed to encompass many of the doubts and insecurities I have about myself and my life right now.  I’ve always had a hard time imagining life beyond school, and Into the Future.  One would think that would mean I couldn’t be dissapointed in my life because I wasn’t failing to reach any unrealistic goals, but no.  It just makes me wonder a lot if This Is It and Shouldn’t I Be Somewhere Else Having Done Something By Now?

Anyways, this article made me think that maybe, just maybe, my twenties haven’t been a waste.  And that maybe, instead of talking about the creative stuff I want to do, I need to do more of it.  Sew.  Blog.  Draw.  Paint.  Walk.  Bike.  Hike.  Sew.  Read.  Read plays.  Write plays.  Stage plays.  Work with a young, imaginative theatre company.  Be a barista.  Learn to make friends with strangers.  But mostly sew.  The best way to learn more sewing techniques is to do them.  And the best way to learn how to read plays and visualize them is to Read Plays.  Lots of them.  And work with the people all around me.

Also, for the first time (ever, I’m pretty sure), It occurred to me that after some more significant years of experience, I actually might not mind doing my direct boss’s job.

Good thoughts to tumble around.

Coming up in (hopefully soon) future posts:  Frugal Portland Gift Exchange and Breaking down the finances so I can calculate when I can afford to move out.  Also, possibly, a moving pros and cons list…

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