Frugal Portland Gift Exchange!

So, I’ve been reading the blog Frugal Portland for about a year now. I’m not even exactly sure how I found it, expect I know if Googled something like “Portland things to do” and it popped up. I have enjoyed reading about my former stomping grounds, and being inspired to live simpler and pay off my student loans/make better money decisions. I even got to meet Kathleen when she was visiting someone who was working in Rancho Cordova, and introduced her to my favorite coffee shop (Coffee Garden on Franklin!)

So, when FP decided to organize a secret santa gift exchange via her blog and Elfster, I joined. Gifts were supposed to be either made by us or under $10. I sent one of my handmade reusable grocery bags to my recipient, and I received a decorated box full of makeup sample goodies. I call it a win!!


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