450 days: Achieveable actions

Things that I can do during the month of January:

1.  Go dancing twice during the month.  It’s good exercise and makes me happy.

2.  Apply to 3 summer jobs.  Knowing I have income lined up will help me not have to think about surviving this summer.  And will help me to be able to set a firmer date about moving out.

3.  Pay down my credit card to under 2000 (I’m currently at 3k).  My deal with myself is that I can’t move out until this is paid off and I have 1k in my savings account.

4.  Join a dating website. Since I have no idea how else to meet new people, and my social skills are getting worse every month.

5.  Go 5 days in a row without eating anything sugary.  Because I want to break the addiction.

6.  Use my new fitbit every day and increase my (average?) steps by 1k at the end of the month.  Honestly, If I just learn how to use it well and get a good base record going so I know where to focus on activity goals for Feb, that would be enough.

7.  Go to church at least twice.

8.  Finish one sewing project for myself, as well as altering my Powell’s Tshirt that is too big.

I think that’s plenty to keep me busy.

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